Killer Boogie – Detroit (Repress)

Killer Boogie - Detroit

Killer Boogie - Detroit

As much as Detroit, the nine-track debut full-length from Italian three-piece Killer Boogie, boasts raw proto-punker tones, upbeat shuffle and relentless groove with just a touch of psychedelia in its scorch, even more pervasive throughout the Heavy Psych Sounds release is a sense of self-awareness.

Led by guitarist/vocalist Gabriele Fiori, also of Black Rainbows, Killer Boogie come across as more geared toward the retro-style ’70s rock currently holding sway on the European scene in the wake of Graveyard‘s blues rock supremacy, but their take is rawer than most, and that gives them an edge. An incredible debut album.

Order from Heavy Psych Sounds as a test press (5 copies), striped vinyl (red/black/yellow, 150 copies) or standard black vinyl. CD and digital download also available.

Killer Boogie - Detroit vinyl


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