Mere Women – Romantic Notions

Mere Women - Romantic Notions

Mere Women - Romantic Notions

Romantic Notions is the new studio album from Sydney’s Mere Women, the follow up to their critically acclaimed Big Skies album.

Led by the title track “Romantic Notions”, Mere Women’s latest long player is pensive, profound and at once ostensibly urgent and unnerving, Romantic Notions captures the overwhelming intensity of obsessive love and control while sharing often-uncomfortable truths relating to women’s lived experiences; a ubiquitous theme throughout the Mere Women catalogue.

Romantic Notions was written and rehearsed in a riverside cottage in Sydney and later recorded with Tim G. Carr at One Flight Up studios in March, on the cusp of lockdown. The foreboding threat of lockdown left a peculiar feeling throughout the recording process, filling the air with a tremendous sense of uncertainty and giving the overall process an unusual edge.

Order from Mere Women on red wine vinyl. Digital download also available.

Romantic Notions will be released via Poison City Records on March 5, 2021.


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